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• 2016-08-10 •


Several new pictures of our fillies - Espaja and Złota Era on the new runway.

• 2016-07-10 •

On the National Arabian Horse Championships in Radom mares Złota Rzeka and Egalissa bred by us and owned by Dawid Ostatek, took third place in their classes. Congratulations to the new owner of the mares.

• 2016-05-21 •

Emla K.A.

We are introducing our new mare Emla K.A., who arrived in February. The weather was not so good for photos but we selected a few. More coming soon.

• 2016-05-15 •

The colt Secreto will join Egalisa he will also by trained at Szymon Głowacki place - by his new owner himself!

• 2016-05-15 •

Egalisa goes to Szymon Głowacki training, new owner will prepare her to her first show. Congratulations to the new owner and we are looking forward to her results.

• 2016-05-05 •


Baltico changes the owner and leaves our M Arabians, congratulations to new owner.

• 2016-03-15 •

Złota Rzeka starts her show career, forst stop is Szymon Głowacki training.

• 2016-02-14 •

Since yesterday we have a new horse stables: EMLA K.A.. The daughter of the stallion QR Marc from Elerina by Ekstern. Pedigree - BOMB !!!! Emantka, Emanta, Emanacja and of course Emigracja - pictures soon.

• 2016-02-03 •

Today, our last in this season foal came out for first walk. This time it's colt by Ajman Moniscione from Ginga. The colt was born on Saturday January 30th. Thank you all for visiting our website and welcome to the gallery a small G......

• 2016-01-23 •

And we have in our stable the next foal. January 9 was born the second this season filly. This time it's filly by Ajman Moniscione and out of our Złotka. We look forward to another filly, and by the way welcome to the gallery of the first walk of the Złota Era

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