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• 2018-01-08 •


Last week's emotions didn't pass by yet when another surprise came. At 21:00 another filly was born - out of EMLA K.A. by QR MARC - its EMFARIDA by RFI FARID. Fingers crossed for another mares and their offspring.

• 2018-01-07 •


Since today we have a new mare at M Arabians - its Michalow bred EMEROSA by Empire out of El Emeera by Ekstern. We are very happy from her arrival and we hope she will be another pearl for our breeding.

• 2018-01-05 •


2018 has started very happily for our stud. As first foal the filly ZŁOTA PASSA byAJMAN MONISCIONE is born out of ZŁOTA ORFA by EKSTERN. Full sister to ZŁOTA ERA.

• 2017-12-23 •

Merry Christmas and happy New Year!

• 2017-10-30 •


We have updated the gallery of Espaja with a few photos from this year's shows, as well as photos we made after returning home.

• 2017-10-21 •

We have posted new photos of foals: Zarthan, Enzona and Gothar

• 2017-10-18 •

Złota Era

We have posted new photos of Złota Era

• 2017-09-10 •


Espaja Unanimous Gold Medal Yearling Filly II Cracow Arabian Horse Show. We are very happy from another title for our mare. Its good time for rest after good show season m see you at home.

• 2017-09-09 •


On saturday during IInd Cracow Arabian Horse Show Espaja gets 1st place in her class with championship qualification. Also Zlota Rzeka bred by us takes 3rd place at fillies 2-3 years old. The class were sponsored by Shirley Watts. Congratulations to the mare owners.

• 2017-08-13 •


At 11-13 august at Janow Podlaski the XXXIXth Polish National Show took place. Our mare Espaja has been shown taking 92,33 pts including "20" for type and "20" for head and neck and 1st place in her class. It was also the highest total from all junior classes. She ended up with TOP FIVE in the championships with only 2 points difference to the Gold medal winner. We are again very proud for Espaja and her result.

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