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• 2018-11-19 •

New photos

We invite you to look at some new photos of Espanera mare and a long-unseen young Emerosa mare.

• 2018-10-27 •

We post some new photos of the Złota Era mare in a moody, autumn climate.

• 2018-10-25 •

Thanks to the kindness of Sylwia Iłenda, we have added a few new photos of ESPAJA from the show in Menton and mare EMLA KA and ZŁOTA ORFA from the show in Nowe Wrońska.

• 2018-08-18 •


On 17-18 August, the fifth edition of AL KHALEDIAH EUROPEN ARABIAN HORSE FESTIVAL was held in Nowe Wrońska. This year's show for the first time obtained ECAHO affiliation as a class A show. Espaja took 3rd place in the class and entered the championship, Emla K.A. was 6 in her class, and Złota Orfa took the 5th place in a very strong senior mares class.

• 2018-08-04 •

New owner of Enzona

Yearly filly Enzona changes the owner. A long way to go before her to a new home. We wish the owners of Enzona all show and breeding successes.

• 2018-06-24 •

Espaja in Menton

ESPAJA - top five in the class of 2-year-old mares at the show in Menton. Dreams come true. Thank you all for cheering.

• 2018-05-07 •

Kahil Al Shaqab x Espanera

The last foal this season is a filly by Kahil Al Shaqab from Espanera - ESPAJA half-sister. Filly was born on May 4 at 2:35 in the morning and she made a huge surprise to us all. Today her debut on the paddock. We invite you to the gallery.

• 2018-04-09 •

Gomera, born on April 6, is out for a walk today. This is Ginga's first daughter. We are very pleased with her, the more so because the father of Gomera is a stallion RFI Farid. We invite you to the gallery.

• 2018-03-19 •

First walk of colt out of Demetra Grottarossa by RFI Farid. Colt was born on March 13. We invite you to the gallery.

• 2018-03-01 •

New horses in the sale offer

We have several new horses in the sale offer.

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