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• 2020-07-06 •

The XXX Junior Arabian Horse Championships are behind us. Our yearlings and one two-year-old showed up in it. Emersila M with a score of 90.33 was fifth in class, and Eskahila with a score of 91.83 was second in class, also winning the title of Top Five in the Junior Mares Championship. It was a very good start to this show season for us. We are waiting for the next successes of horses from our stable and we invite you to support our horses.

• 2020-06-25 •

Today in the morning six mares from our stable went out to their new home. Congratulations to an Israeli breeder Dany Miro on buying great horses and we wish him successes in show and breeding.

• 2020-05-01 •

Eselaja M

This is the last foal this season. We would like to inform you that we are finishing the breeding season with bang. Espanera gives birth to a wonderful filly. And here a small surprise - the filly's father is .... ???

• 2020-04-06 •

Glorius M

And today a small surprise. Ginga gives birth to a grey colt by RFI Farid. A small change of stallion.

• 2020-03-06 •

Royal Boy

It's another happy day at our stable. Rosalba by Royal gives birth to a gray colt by AJ Elaf.

• 2020-02-21 •

Złoty Grot

The Golden Orfa did not exceptionally start the season this year. Only as the fourth gives birth to the grey colt by AJ Elaf

• 2020-02-18 •

Emaria M

There is also the first filly in M arabians. Emerosa is up to the challenge and gives birth to a grey filly Emaria M pop AJ Elaf. It was a very good stallion choice.

• 2020-02-14 •

Emstar M

Emla K.A. gives birth to another foal. This time, after two fillies, he gives birth to the first colt Emstar M by Kahil Al Shaqab.

• 2020-02-09 •

Dreamer M

The first foal this season is the bay colt Dreamer M by AJ Elaf by the mare Demetra Grottarossa. It promises to be a very interesting season.

• 2019-08-13 •

Espaja with a score of 92.00 points the best three year old mare at the XLI National Arabian Horse Show in Janów Podlaski

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