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• 2020-05-01 •

Eselaja M

This is the last foal this season. We would like to inform you that we are finishing the breeding season with bang. Espanera gives birth to a wonderful filly. And here a small surprise - the filly's father is .... ???

• 2020-04-06 •

Glorius M

And today a small surprise. Ginga gives birth to a grey colt by RFI Farid. A small change of stallion.

• 2020-03-06 •

Royal Boy

It's another happy day at our stable. Rosalba by Royal gives birth to a gray colt by AJ Elaf.

• 2020-02-21 •

Złoty Grot

The Golden Orfa did not exceptionally start the season this year. Only as the fourth gives birth to the grey colt by AJ Elaf

• 2020-02-18 •

Emaria M

There is also the first filly in M arabians. Emerosa is up to the challenge and gives birth to a grey filly Emaria M pop AJ Elaf. It was a very good stallion choice.

• 2020-02-14 •

Emstar M

Emla K.A. gives birth to another foal. This time, after two fillies, he gives birth to the first colt Emstar M by Kahil Al Shaqab.

• 2020-02-09 •

Dreamer M

The first foal this season is the bay colt Dreamer M by AJ Elaf by the mare Demetra Grottarossa. It promises to be a very interesting season.

• 2019-08-13 •

Espaja with a score of 92.00 points the best three year old mare at the XLI National Arabian Horse Show in Janów Podlaski

• 2019-05-28 •

Lot 11. Demetra Grottarossa - Summer Sale Radom Poland 2019

• 2019-05-28 •

Lot 9. Espanera - Summer Sale Radom Poland 2019

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