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• 2022-10-29 •

Esejala M

ESELAJA M - winner of the junior fillies class at the European Championships 2022 in Belgium

Photo: Ewa Imielska - Hebda

• 2022-07-23 •

1st place in the junior fillies class

Eselaja M (AJ Elaf - Espanera) 1st place in the junior fillies class at the III Sopot Arabian Horse Show
Fot. Karolina Misztal Fotografia

• 2022-06-05 •

Eselaja M wins junior fillies class

The XXXII Pure Arabian Junior Spring Show in Białka was the first show for our horses this season. It started a bit unlucky for us. The youngest of our fillies, Espajlita M, slipped before her performance and got stuck. The consequence of this was her withdrawal from the further show. Our second filly, Eselaja M, scores 93.00 points and wins her junior fillies class.

• 2022-05-06 •

The second foal

It is not the quantity but the quality that is the most important. The second foal and the second filly are born today at 20:50. Emla KA keeps up with Espaji and we have another filly by RFI UNIQUE.

• 2022-04-15 •

The first foal this year

The first foal this year is born today at 6:00 am. The breeding season in our stable provides for only two deliveries, so we are all the more happy that Espaja gives birth to a filly by RFI UNIQUE. The filly and her mother are doing great. While waiting for the next foal, we invite you to the gallery.

• 2021-08-25 •


Some new photos from today's session of Emerosa

• 2021-08-15 •

XLIII National Purebred Arabian Horse Show

Last weekend, the XLIII National Purebred Arabian Horse Show took place in Janów Podlaski. Our two yearlings took part in it. The colt Glorius M with a score of 90.80 points, he took 2nd place in his class and qualified for the championship, where he won the Top Five title. The filly Eselaja M, with a score of 90.40 points, won 4th place in the class with the title of Top Five class of yearling fillies.

• 2021-07-28 •

Galilea Arabians Show

During the 2021 Galilea Arabians Show in Israel, our bred Złota Era by Ajman Moniscione out of Złota Orfa won 1st place in the 5-year-old and above mares class, and in the championship Złota Era becomes the Gold Medal winner of the 2021 Galilea Arabians Show.

• 2021-07-25 •

Sopot Arabian Horse Show

On the second day of the II Sopot Arabian Horse Show, our yearlings Eselaja M and Glorius M presented themselves phenomenally, taking the Silver Medals in the championship. We are very happy with their results.

Many thanks to the trainer and presenter Tomasz Jakubowski and his entire team.

• 2021-07-24 •

Sopot Arabian Horse Show

Today, during the first day of the 2nd Sopot Arabian Horse Show, the colt Glorius M with a score of 90.13 points wins the yearling colts class and qualifies for tomorrow's final. The mare Eselaja M wins the same place with a score of 90.83 points. We will also see her in the final on Sunday.

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