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• 2018-04-09 •

Gomera, born on April 6, is out for a walk today. This is Ginga's first daughter. We are very pleased with her, the more so because the father of Gomera is a stallion RFI Farid. We invite you to the gallery.

• 2018-03-19 •

First walk of colt out of Demetra Grottarossa by RFI Farid. Colt was born on March 13. We invite you to the gallery.

• 2018-03-01 •

New horses in the sale offer

We have several new horses in the sale offer.

• 2018-01-08 •


Last week's emotions didn't pass by yet when another surprise came. At 21:00 another filly was born - out of EMLA K.A. by QR MARC - its EMFARIDA by RFI FARID. Fingers crossed for another mares and their offspring.

• 2018-01-07 •


Since today we have a new mare at M Arabians - its Michalow bred EMEROSA by Empire out of El Emeera by Ekstern. We are very happy from her arrival and we hope she will be another pearl for our breeding.

• 2018-01-05 •


2018 has started very happily for our stud. As first foal the filly ZŁOTA PASSA byAJMAN MONISCIONE is born out of ZŁOTA ORFA by EKSTERN. Full sister to ZŁOTA ERA.

• 2017-12-23 •

Merry Christmas and happy New Year!

• 2017-10-30 •


We have updated the gallery of Espaja with a few photos from this year's shows, as well as photos we made after returning home.

• 2017-10-21 •

We have posted new photos of foals: Zarthan, Enzona and Gothar

• 2017-10-18 •

Złota Era

We have posted new photos of Złota Era

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